Cours Zoom

From home, enjoy the same classes as in Aix-en-Provence!

No more scattered photocopies! Only one document: the google doc!

Choose your course : standard, professional, conversation, pronunciation or exam preparation.

Before the first class:  the teacher sends you a google doc by email which will serve as a virtual notebook throughout your learning. At the top of the google doc, you have your connection link to zoom which remains the same for each course.

Before each clas/: directly on the google doc, the teacher sends you the lesson and the exercises. You can do your exercises directly on the google doc which is very convenient.

During the class: on the google doc, the teacher notes all your mistakes and important information while you are speaking. You can also write on the google doc.

After each class: You have all the notes and you can review easily!

Also chose your class schedule according to yours and France’s time zones.

See you soon!


Compose your course according to your desires and necessities.


F&D adapts itself to everyone’s age, likes and goals.


It is a general French course: grammar, vocabulary, oral and written expression and comprehension.


With or without preparation for diplomas from the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP), this is a course to learn the specific vocabulary for each professional field.

  • Tourism – hotels – catering
  • Business
  • Medicine
  • Law


This is a French course focused on speaking.


Speaking French is not enough. You need to be understood!

This course allows you to work on the pronunciation of sounds, accents and intonation.

Preparation for French diplomas

Prepare yourself for French exams for academic, professional or administrative goals or just for pleasure and pride!

  • DELF
  • DALF
  • TCF